Industrial tires require strength and the ability to absorb shock and resist cuts and abrasions.

We offer pneumatic, foam-filled and solid rubber tires in different sizes for all industrial applications.


This type of tire is very similar to those used on heavy duty trucks; they are air-filled and made of very strong rubber for extra durability. Pneumatic tires are the right choice if you’re looking for tires with deep tread that will receive their fair share of wear and tear.

Pneumatic tires provide superior cushioning and will extend the life of your machinery. They are a smart option if you’re expecting your equipment or vehicle to be used in a wide range of environments. Their downside is that they can go flat.


Flat tires can be very expensive, often resulting in lost time and lost revenue. With foam-filled tires, you’ll never have to worry about flats again. These tires are filled with a resilient liquid compound that cures to a soft rubber core within 24 hours. Foam-filled tires are more cost effective in multi-hazard areas where flats are frequent.

The process for foam filling requires a quality tire that is not old or dry rotted. The tire is left with us to be filled and kept in a controlled environment while it cures. Foam-filled tires are the best option for construction and industrial equipment as well as for anyone who is tired of the cost, delays and inconvenience of flat tires.

Solid Rubber

Solid rubber tires were once the only type of tire manufactured. They still are a good alternative if your equipment will be used mainly indoors.

With solid rubber, you never need to worry about punctures or blowouts. This can be a big advantage over pneumatics. However, these tires are significantly less comfortable for the operator and cause more wear and tear on the machine. Outdoor use should be limited because of the rougher ride.

Tire Brands

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