Tire Repair & Replacement

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When tires must be replaced, we provide unparalleled advice on the best new tire options for your needs and budget. Additionally, our team of professionals have years of experience in conducting commercial tire inspections and can help maintain your tires and limit tire costs.

Regularly inspected and well-maintained tires are critical for safety. Proper tire maintenance also optimizes fuel economy, maximizes vehicle uptime and reduces tire wear, which extends tire life and ensures maximum tire retreadability.

It's widely known that optimum fuel economy and maximum retreadability can be achieved by maintaining correct tire pressure. This, combined with minimal wear and tear, reduces tire costs per mile to an absolute minimum.

Poor inflation pressure can result in serious cost increases over the life of tires and to the heavy vehicles on which they are mounted. In industries where budgets are critical, this requires effective management tactics to overcome unnecessary expenses. Underinflated tires run hotter, which can lead to reduced miles per tire and reduced retreadability.

Truck & Trailer Alignments

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Fuel and tires, the top two operating expenses in over-the-road transportation, are typically perceived as hard to control. However, routine wheel alignments are one of the most effective ways to control tire and fuel costs.

A misaligned trailer could cost you an extra 500- 700 gallons of diesel fuel per year. You can raise your mpg from 6 to 6.25 just by re-aligning a trailer that is out of alignment. A tractor trailer alignment can also save fuel costs and reduce tire wear.

We recommend a minimum of two alignments per year or every 50,000 to 60,000 miles as part of the average vehicle’s preventive maintenance program.

Misalignment can cause:

  • Excessive tire wear
  • Increased fuel consumption caused by increased rolling resistance
  • Unsafe vehicle handling characteristics
  • Driver fatigue and driver retention issues
  • Premature suspension component wear

Mechanical Repair

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We offer a wide range of mechanical repair services for your commercial vehicles.

  • Pressure Test Suspension Parts
  • Kingpins
  • Tie Rod Ends
  • Torque Arms
  • Brakes
  • Steering Gear Box Replacement
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Shocks
  • U-Joints
  • Brake Lines, Chambers and Slack Adjusters
  • Wheel Seals and Bearings
  • Clutch Adjustments
  • Batteries
  • Belts
  • Alternators
  • Wipers
  • Mud Flaps


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We offer a wide selection of retreads to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for an economical retread or the highest quality retread, we have a brand and tread design for you. Here are just a few of the brands we offer:

  • MegaMile
  • Oliver
  • Michelin Retread Technologies (MRT)
  • Marangoni (Ringtread)
  • Bondag

Fleet Inspections

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Thomas Tire Commercial & OffRoad offers standardized, quality truck and trailer inspections which help avoid costly DOT fines and emergency services. We are committed to improving vehicle safety and fleet efficiency by optimizing time and increasing driver satisfaction with better-maintained equipment.

Tire Rotation

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When drive tires begin to wear, it’s a good idea to rotate them. Changing the rotation will usually help to smooth them back out, providing better tread life and fuel efficiency. Some transport companies move drive tires to the trailer to increase the miles they get from each casing.

By reducing costs and increasing miles per tire, you will get the most from your commercial truck tires. Maintaining proper inflation and good driving skills, together with a tire inspection and maintenance program rather than driving until breakdown, will maximize the efficiency and profitability of your equipment.

Tire & Wheel Balancing

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Thomas Tire Commercial & OffRoad ensures a proper balance every time by employing the latest balancing technologies and products. Our expert staff is trained to use these methods to deliver timely and accurate service. We use only the finest Hunter computer wheel balancers to ensure a smooth ride and excellent performance.

Out-of-balance tires will cause a vehicle to vibrate at certain speeds. A tire is out of balance when one section of the tire is heavier than the others. One ounce of imbalance on a front tire is enough to cause a noticeable vibration in the steering wheel. Our customers are often surprised at how smooth their truck performs after our staff balances their tires.

Match Mounting

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Proper tire and wheel assembly balancing is important not only for driver comfort but also for driver safety. In high-speed driving, improperly balanced tire/wheel assemblies can create abnormal tread wear patterns and cause a vehicle to lose stability.

Match mounting tires on wheels is a process where a tire’s installed position on the wheel is specifically selected to help minimize the final combination’s force variation and/or imbalance. One match mounting procedure aligns the tire’s measured high point of radial force variation with the measured low point of the wheel’s radial runout. The other simply aligns the tire’s lightest spot with the wheel’s heaviest spot.

Wheel Refurbishing

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Thomas Tire Commercial & OffRoad provides wheel refurbishing services with high-tech equipment and an experienced staff. The high gloss, powder coat paint used will resist chipping, peeling and rusting and can be completed in quick turnaround time.

Benefits of refinishing:

  • Decreased chance of air loss due to broken bead
  • Decreased chance of full blowout on the road
  • Longer rim life
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Professional appearance

A rim needs refinishing when there is:

  • Any rust, rubber or debris at or in the bead seat
  • More than three mils of powder, paint, or debris around the bolt area
  • More than 20 percent rust present on the rim
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This revolutionary answer to air-filled tire repairs provides lasting results. A one-time application, the sealant liquid coats the interior of the tire and permanently treats a number of common tire issues. From rim and bead leaks and weather cracking to punctures as large as 3/4 of an inch, LiquiTube keeps tires properly inflated for the life of the tire. This reduces costly downtime and eliminates the need for other expensive tire repairs.

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One way of ensuring tires maintain their proper inflation is to fill them with nitrogen. Pure nitrogen has been used to inflate critical tire applications for years, primarily because it doesn’t support moisture or combustion. These include racing tires (IndyCar, Formula 1, NASCAR), aircraft tires (commercial and military) and heavy-duty equipment tires (earthmovers and mining equipment).

Using nitrogen reduces the loss of tire pressure due to permeation through rubber over time by one third. Additionally, they are non-corrosive and will reduce oxidation and rust.

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